Fresh Research Unveils Techniques for Crafting Marijuana Joints with Enhanced Potency and Prolonged Duration

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Intriguing Breakthrough Emerges: Researchers May Have Decoded the Formula for Crafting Optimal Marijuana Joints.

With pre-rolled joints gaining prominence within the legal cannabis market, a team of scientists at Delic Labs, a marijuana and psilocybin research facility based in Vancouver, embarked on an innovative experiment aimed at unraveling the relationship between ground cannabis flower size and the resulting consumer experience.

They meticulously ground marijuana into diameters of one, three, and five millimeters, then expertly packed three grams into commercially available pre-rolled papers. Employing a “smoke cycle simulator,” a device designed to replicate smoking, they conducted controlled inhalations at a consistent rate, analyzing the cannabinoid concentration within the emitted smoke at different consumption stages.

Presented during a 4:20 PM session at the Canadian Chemistry Conference and Exhibition in Vancouver, the study’s findings were striking. The joints composed of 1mm cannabis grounds delivered the most potent impact, exhibiting the highest concentrations of cannabinoids like THC and CBD. However, these joints also exhibited the quickest burn rate, while the 5mm joints provided a more prolonged experiential duration.

A powerpoint slide showcased at the conference emphasized, “The observed variability underscores the necessity of refining joint architecture for an enhanced consumer experience.”

In terms of specifics, the 1mm diameter joints yielded an average of 0.67mg of THC per puff, while the 5mm joints registered an average of 0.51mg THC per inhalation. This experiment challenges the conventional wisdom of selecting joints purely based on THC concentration, highlighting the pivotal role played by the size of the ground cannabis.

The study’s insights extended to CBD-dominant strains, revealing that these strains delivered substantially greater amounts of their primary cannabinoid per puff in comparison to THC-rich varieties.

Markus Roggen, president of Delic Labs, shared with Scientific American, “The quantity of cannabinoid reaching the oral cavity is greater for CBD than THC. The rationale eludes me, but my curiosity is greatly piqued.”

While these findings bear significance for the cannabis market, they concurrently raise questions regarding the implications of prior research reliant on actual joints to draw conclusions. Could the size of ground cannabis alter the outcomes of studies? This speculation even pertains to research supported by institutions such as the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), which has funded investigations into the health advantages and hazards of cannabis, often employing prepared marijuana joints.

Although the Canadian study concentrated on pre-rolled joints, it’s conceivable that the size of cannabis grounds could similarly influence consumer experiences across other consumption modes, encompassing vaporization of dried flower and usage via bongs.

Delic Labs has expressed a desire to delve further into related variables, encompassing side stream effects, aerosol particle dimensions, exhaust attributes, as well as exploring additional cannabinoids and terpenes.


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