Innovative Proposal by Bahamas Government: Legalizing Medicinal, Religious, and Scientific Cannabis Usage

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In a bold stride, the highest-ranking officials in the Bahamas have unveiled an intricate legislative package aimed at endorsing the utilization of marijuana for medical, religious, and research-related pursuits. Simultaneously, the possession of small quantities of cannabis for personal use would undergo a shift from criminalization to decriminalization, accompanied by the expungement of prior convictions for minor possession offenses.

Collectively, this series of bills is poised to establish a localized framework for the cultivation and utilization of marijuana. This initiative, as described by the government, is designed to “ensure a meticulously regulated, secure, and supervised cannabis industry.”

During the customary weekly press conference held by the Office of the Prime Minister, Attorney General Ryan Pinder and Health and Wellness Minister Michael Darville introduced the proposed legislative reforms. As per their intentions, these bills are targeted to be presented in Parliament by October.

Pinder conveyed, “The objective is to engage in substantive discussions by the conclusion of this calendar year. This timeline is imperative due to the extensive groundwork required for the establishment of the regulatory authority.” He elucidated that this groundwork encompasses facets such as training, certifications, the development of a digital platform for tracking and prescribing, all of which must be executed prior to the issuance of licenses.

If the proposed reforms come to fruition, physicians in the Bahamas will be empowered to recommend the use of cannabis to address specific medical conditions, encompassing ailments like cancer, multiple sclerosis, and epilepsy. Darville asserted, “Numerous Bahamians, including those afflicted by incapacitating illnesses such as advanced-stage cancers and diverse manifestations of depression refractory to conventional therapeutic interventions, stand to benefit.”

These changes are poised to grant Rastafarians the legal prerogative to utilize cannabis for religious purposes. To avail themselves of this privilege, adherents of this faith would be required to secure specialized licenses.

While these policy modifications do not entail a broad-based legalization of cannabis, the possession of up to 30 grams of marijuana would cease to be a criminal offense. Instead, a monetary penalty of $250 would be imposed as an alternative to a criminal record. Furthermore, historical convictions for minor possession would be expunged.

The linchpin of this legislative undertaking is the Cannabis Bill of 2023. Concurrently, ancillary bills encompassing regulatory provisions, modifications to regulations concerning dangerous substances, laws relating to healthcare professions, changes to pharmaceutical practices, and additional subjects are encompassed within this legislative package.

Licensees within the ambit of the regulated cannabis sector would be mandated to hold Bahamian citizenship and have attained the age of 21. Moreover, ownership collectives would be obligated to incorporate a stipulated percentage of Bahamian nationals, contingent upon the nature of the license. For instance, cultivators would necessitate full ownership by Bahamian entities, while licenses for testing, manufacturing, and research would require a 30 percent Bahamian ownership.

Pinder elucidated, “Numerous licenses are poised to be instituted, presenting opportunities for Bahamians to partake in these endeavors. We are sanguine about the anticipated positive economic impact of this initiative.”

Supervision of the proposed system would vest in a newly formed governmental entity named the Cannabis Authority. This body would comprise nine representatives hailing from diverse sectors, encompassing entities from the realm of faith-based organizations, civil society, and individuals with expertise in banking, legal affairs, agriculture, scientific research, pharmacy, and medical practice.

An official government portal expounding on the propositions underscores that the “comprehensive framework has been meticulously constructed, drawing on substantial research and insights gleaned from the Caribbean Community Secretariat’s 2018 report on cannabis.” Furthermore, the architects of the proposed bills extensively scrutinized the regulatory paradigms in countries such as Jamaica, Barbados, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, and Canada. This comprehensive approach guarantees alignment with global best practices, while being tailored to the distinctive cultural and legal context of the Bahamas.

In the year 2018, the leaders of 19 Caribbean nations, including the Bahamas, Barbados, Haiti, Jamaica, and others, reached a consensus to “reassess the prevailing classification of marijuana, considering potential reclassification.” This initiative was grounded in the context of human rights and religious freedoms, which had been impacted by the criminalization of cannabis. Additionally, the economic benefits associated with a regulated cannabis industry were underscored as a motivating factor.

During the press conference on Thursday, Pinder revealed that the Ministry of Agriculture in the Bahamas is concurrently engaged in facilitating cannabis cultivation on a designated tract of land under its purview. He disclosed, “In Nassau’s newly established agribusiness park, a plot of 25 acres has been earmarked to accommodate micro-cultivation. Moreover, it is evident that the family islands, particularly Andros and Eleuthera, possess abundant tracts of agricultural land, thus presenting enhanced opportunities.”


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