Minnesota’s Inaugural Cannabis Store Experiences “Overwhelming” Demand on Day One of Legalization, Leading to Customer Turnaways and Online Order Closure

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Minnesota’s solitary recreational cannabis emporium, which currently holds the distinction of being the lone establishment of its kind, unlocked its doors this past Tuesday. The demand was nothing short of fervent, propelling the establishment into a state of overwhelm that necessitated the unfortunate denial of in-store customers and a temporary suspension of online transactions in order to manage the influx.

Rapid off the blocks, the Red Lake Nation tribe adroitly leveraged a distinct facet of the state’s newly enacted legalization legislation, launching its Red Lake storefront well ahead of the anticipated licensure of conventional retailers by state regulatory bodies.

A testament to the allure, a contingent of individuals traversed considerable distances, enduring a 3-4 hour journey from Minnesota’s primary urban centers to converge outside the NativeCare establishment, even braving intermittent rainstorms. Their quest? To secure their position as among the pioneering participants in the legal cannabis market of the state. The day’s crescendo saw the business attending to over 300 patrons, reaching a point where service could no longer be extended past 3 PM local time to ensure equitable attention to the patiently waiting clientele.

At present, the Red Lake Nation stands as the sole tribe engaged in legal cannabis commerce within Minnesota’s borders. Nonetheless, the White Earth Nation tribe is poised to expeditiously follow suit, having secured the approval of its governing council to initiate marijuana sales in the preceding week.

Despite the legality now afforded to the possession and cultivation of cannabis for those aged 21 and above as of Tuesday, state-sanctioned retailers are not anticipated to commence operations until the earliest point in 2024. In a notable departure, former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura expressed his intent to join the fray, aspiring to etch his name as the “first major politician in America” to lend his visage to a cannabis brand.


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